We strive for excellence in all we do

“Outstanding care for students” Ofsted

Hartsdown Sixth Form

At Hartsdown Academy we are proud to offer the International Baccalaureate Careers-Related Programme (IBCP). The IBCP provides a robust and challenging curriculum for our students, enabling them to study both vocational courses and Diploma subjects and ensuring that they are prepared for excellent futures after completing Sixth Form, whether that is in an apprenticeship, employment or university.

As part of the IBCP students will also study the core programme, which is designed to foster a love of learning and equip students with essential skills and knowledge to become world-ready citizens.



At Hartsdown we continuously ask the question “Is this good enough for my child”. We refuses to become an exam factory that pushes students through qualifications in the pursuit of the league tables. Instead we give children the opportunities to pursue subjects that interest them. This approach has ensured that 100% of our students have gone on to University, College or Apprenticeships.

  • World Class curriculum – we offer the IBCP and IBMYP

  • Academic Rigour – we encourage learning and growth

  • Individuals not exam fodder – children are more than a GCSE result



Hartsdown works with our sister school Danecourt to ensure that we achieve high levels of academic excellence. We are recognised as an International Baccalaureate World School and offer IBMYP and IBCP. These programs are usually only available at private schools.

In Key Stage 3, children pursue the World Class International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program. This challenging program ensures that all students have a well-rounded education and well prepared for GCSES and beyond.

The IBCP programme is our primary offer at KS5. Watch below to find out more.

Teamwork is key to a successful life and at Hartsdown we give students fantastic opportunities to develop their teamwork skills. During year 7, children get opportunities to work in teams, including outbound activities such as our trip to Wales.

All of year 9 access the Duke of Edinburgh award.  This nationally recognised program develops children’s confidence as it pushes them out of their comfort zone.

Resilience is the ability to keep going in difficult circumstances. Research has shown that resilience is the key skill needed to be successful in life.

At Hartsdown we look for opportunities for children to develop their resilience. This includes challenging school work but also includes opportunities to do things that are out of children’s comfort zone. Across their years at Hartsdown this will include opportunities for public speaking, competitions and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Integrity is the heart of Hartsdown. It is our love and care of students as well as our core belief that students deserve to be treated as individuals, not a number.

We demonstrate this through our pastoral care and the wide range of options children have.

We also look to work with parents to help grow children into adults that we can be proud of.

Our vision is to give students the education they need for an amazing life.

We also work with students to develop their vision for their lives.

As a school we pursue excellence in all that we do. We also challenge students to continually strive for excellence.



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