Hartsdown has a tradition of producing highly talented photographers. Over the last three years, we have had student work shortlisted for national competitions. We have also seen students go from Hartsdown to top universities to continue photography and art. We are lucky enough to have a mac suite that allows students to use industry-standard software to manipulate photographs.

GCSE Photography is for creative students who enjoy playing with imagery, who like being arty and love taking photographs! The photography course is very similar to the Art GCSE. You will be required to research photographers and develop your own ideas. You will be taught how to experiment with cameras, studio lighting and editing. Finally, you will aim to improve the quality of your work and make a professional-looking final piece for display.

Student Comments

“I already loved photography and have learnt a huge amount studying the GCSE. I am intending to go to UCL to continue my studies.”

Year 11

“It was incredible to see my work displayed alongside Tracey Emin. This was an incredible opportunity that the school organised.”

Year 10